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Barcode System:-

Barcode system is accepted worldwide to manage inventory and stock of the products. Barcodes are used in different type of business industries like warehousing, manufacturing, posting, banking, healthcare, retail etc. Barcodes store whole data of the product on which it is labeled.

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How to set the bar height, density and margin between the labels

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What is barcode:-

Barcodes are optical machine-scan able codes having encoded information about an object or product. These can be seen in the form of horizontal and verticals lines on the products. The geometric patterns of barcodes can vary according to the product need.


Types of Barcodes:-

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DRPU barcode tag designer tool is able to print barcode labels on A4 sheets.

DRPU Barcode Image Creating Application is able to print desired barcode labels on A4 sheets without any error. This utility enables user to design most attractive barcode asset tags in different font standards like linear (Coda bar, Code 11, Code 128, Code 128 SET A) and 2D (Aztec, Data bar, Data bar Code 128, Data bar Code 128 Set A) etc.

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DRPU Corporate Barcode Generator Software is being popular in manufacturing and retails sector.

Now days barcodes are being widely used in many industries like retails, packaging, shipping etc to record and access the product information in simplest way. Manufacturing sector is also using barcode technology to digitize its data recording process for convenient access of product information. This way the popularity of barcodes is being higher day by day in all...


Barcode System Makes Inventory Control Process Faster and Smarter

Today every business want to grow at high speed, and it is only possible when business works become faster. For making business works faster, one have to use latest technologies. Yes its universal truth that technologies are making businesses smarter and faster by reducing manual works.

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