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Barcode in DRPU Barcode Labels Designer Software


How to make Planet barcodes for Post Offices using Barcode Maker Software

Make Planet barcodes for Post Offices Install Barcode Maker Software

Planet refers to Postal Alpha Numeric Encoding Technique barcode that is widely used post offices for managing their documents. Planet Barcodes helps in identifying and tracking Prices and other relevant information of various objects and documents in Post Offices. It is a linear type of Barcode that...


Maintain Product's Details of your Business: DRPU Software

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In an industry management is a very important thing. DRPU Barcode Creator Software maintains and save your company products’ details by making barcode labels. This application is beneficial in customizing barcode images as per commercial need for using multiple designing views like rectangle, rounded rectangle, ...


Design EAN8 Barcode Label using DRPU barcode Generator Tool

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Barcode becomes the requirement of today’s business world for the growth and development of any business organization. They are used to automate business inventory and stocks. Barcodes are very essential for grocery businesses, hospital managements, managing bank accounts, library managements etc. So...


Maintain Barcode Length When Designing Barcode Labels

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Barcodes and their use:-

Barcode system plays a very important role in business today. As it records data of the stuff on which it is labeled.  Barcode technology is widely used in various business industries like retail, manufacturing, healthcare, warehousing, inventory control, banking, posting, publishing etc. Today business...


Design Barcode Labels in Postnet Barcode Font

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Barcode System:-

Barcode system is accepted worldwide to manage inventory and stock of the products. Barcodes are used in different type of business industries like warehousing, manufacturing, posting, banking, healthcare, retail etc. Barcodes store whole data of the product on which it is labeled.

Create barcode tags in...


How to print barcode with a laser printer

This video demonstrates you how to print barcode labels with a laser printer. Choose your sheet according to your business requirements. Here we are using the designing view option of the DRPU Barcode Label Software to create barcode label as per your business need. Software also provides facility to set the barcode header, barcode footer and...


How to set the bar height, density and margin between the labels

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What is barcode:-

Barcodes are optical machine-scan able codes having encoded information about an object or product. These can be seen in the form of horizontal and verticals lines on the products. The geometric patterns of barcodes can vary according to the product need.


Types of Barcodes:-

Various types of...


How to create barcode labels by using different type fonts

This video demonstrates you how to design barcode labels by suing DRPU Barcode Label Maker Software by using its designing features including barcode setting and designing view.

Video describe you, how to use different size barcode sheets available in market to print barcode labels. We show you how to put barcode labels sheet on your...


How to print multiple copies of same barcode on single Paper?

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Barcodes are optical Machine-readable codes that include black bars and white space to store information in encoded form. These barcode are broadly used for managing and monitoring Business Product Inventory Information. Barcode helps numerous industries in Inventory management and control.

Various types of industries use...


Benefits of using Barcode Technology in Business

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What is Barcode System:-

Barcodes can be easily found in retail stores. Today every retail product is labeled by barcodes. Barcode is the technique to identify any product uniquely. These are basically machine-scan able and possess some encrypted data stored in them. Barcodes labels are used to manage wide range of stock goods in...